Sunday, November 8, 2015

Spain Tour Roommate Sign-up

Roommate sign-up for the Spain Tour will take place after school on Monday and Tuesday, 11/9 & 10, the Band Room. All roommates must be present to register and be current on their payments, having $1,100 in their Grand Tours account.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Uniform Turn-In and Fruit Sale Ending

Uniform collection for all non-travelling band members will be Tuesday, Nov. 10 from 7:30 to 8:40 in the Multi-Purpose room. Students will need to turn in all parts of the uniform except for t-shirts, polos, gloves and berets. This collection is only for students who are NOT travelling to Spain, collection for those who are travelling will take place in early April. Parents who would like to volunteer to help can contact Molly Markey at or Judy Malone at

Also, a quick reminder: the Shaker Hts. Band Fruit Sale ends this Tuesday, Nov. 10th.  This year's fresh-from-the-grove Florida oranges and grapefruit are especially sweet and juicy and are healthy snacks. The fruit is picked, boxed and trucked directly to us. No fruit is picked and stored in a warehouse to be delivered to the grocery store.
All ordering is completed online. Go to and locate "Fundraiser Information" in the right-hand column and follow the prompts. You will also find answers to frequently-asked-questions there. 

If your student has never ordered, an account  number needs to be set up.  Just e-mail the student's name, parent(s) name and e-mail address, and I will e-mail the account number back once it gets set-up in the system. 

You will be e-mailed with the delivery date which will be around the first two weeks in December.  The fruit delivery and pick-up is at the Shaker Middle School. 

All profits from the band student's individual sales go directly to their personal trip fund account, which is set up and managed by the District.  This money is applied when the student goes on the International Trip.  Profit margins on fruit sales range from 30 - 43% depending on the items sold.  If the student doesn't go on the trip, the fund may be transferred to a younger sibling in band or transferred to the General Band Trip Fund.

Note:  Malley's Candy Sale continues until December 14th.

Happy Selling,
Susan Rotatori
Shaker Band Boosters Board
Trip Fundraising

Friday, October 30, 2015

Time and Uniform change for Game #10

As we have been announcing in class, the call time for Saturday, 10/31, is now Noon in full uniform, plus raincoat. Students who do not have their raincoats should arrive early to find them. We plan to leave for Euclid about 12:30, and hope to return around 5:30.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Marching Band Wrap-Up Meeting, 10/28

All band members will be meeting in the HS Large Auditorium without instruments on Wednesday, 10/28 to discuss the transition from Marching Band season to Concert Bands. Here are a few of the items that will be discussed as we prepare to wrap-up Marching Band:

Euclid Football Game
Our final football game of the season is this Saturday at Euclid High School. The call time is 11:00 a.m. in full marching band uniform. There will be a special concession stand just for the band located in the tent. Band members will be permitted to use this during third quarter break.

Uniform Turn-In
Students who are traveling to Spain must keep their marching band uniform and have it dry cleaned for the Spain trip. Students that are traveling to Spain will be required to submit a receipt from the dry cleaners, due by January 8, 2016. Students who will not be traveling on the Spain tour will turn in their marching band uniforms on Tuesday, November 10, 2015 before school in the Multi-Purpose room. Please note that this is a Tuesday school schedule, and first period begins at 8:47 a.m. More information will be available in the coming weeks.

Marching Instrument Turn-In
All students who are using school owned instruments for marching band will turn them in during first period from Wednesday, November 4 through Friday, November 6, 2015. At this time, we will be distributing concert instruments for those who may require them.

Locker Clean Out
All band students are asked to take home any marching band items such as shoes, clothing, lyre, flip folder, etc. to make the transition to concert band. The directors may relocate some individual student lockers depending on concert band placement and location. This will occur November 4 through 6, 2015. 

Monday, October 26, 2015

1st Quarter Grades

Grades for the first quarter will be submitted after school on Tuesday, October 27, 2015.  There are still several band students who have yet to complete make-up assignments for missed marching band performances and music memorization checks.  These students are asked to see Mr. Clemens and/or Mrs. Tyrrell to complete any outstanding assignments.  Any outstanding assignments will result in lost points and possibly lower grades for the first quarter. Please check Progress Book online and make note of any outstanding assignments and see the band directors as quickly as possible.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Game #8, Homecoming

Game #8, Homecoming, is Saturday, 10/17. Call time is 11 AM on the practice field in full uniform, but no hats or gloves. Saturday is Alumni/Community Band, so everyone is invited to join "The Pride of Shaker Heights" on the field during halftime, just be at the 11 AM rehearsal to get music and learn the short marching drill.  Students are released after halftime, but extra credit will be offered to those who stay for the second half.

On another note, the directing staff would like to thank the Administration, parents and community for their support in making this morning's Fox 8 performance. Most of all, we would like to thank 385 of the best band students in the country for their dedication to early rehearsals and one very long day to demonstrate why the marching band earns the title "The Pride of Shaker Heights." Great job Shaker!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

It's Time For Kenny!

This is it! "The Pride of Shaker Heights" will be featured on Friday morning, 10/16, on the Fox 8 Morning Show with Kenny Crumpton! Call time for all band members is 6:30 AM, and it looks as though we will be able to perform outside in the stadium! Dress for all members is full uniform, including hats and gloves, as well as raincoats, just in case.

The approximate air times for the band segments are 6:55, 7:20, 7:45, 7:50, 8:10, 8:15, 8:40 and 8:55 AM. Each segment will include the band playing, with two Raiderette features, and several will include interviews with students. Even more fun would be to join us in the stadium! Please see the previous post regarding the parking shuttle for those who are planning to cheer on the band from the stands.

Students will be excused from second period to change and eat breakfast, provided by the Shaker Schools Foundation, so be sure to bring a change of clothes. Be sure to eat some breakfast and come prepared to show all of Cleveland what"The Pride of Shaker Heights" can do!