Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Senior Banquet & Uniform Collection

The Shaker Bands will honor the Class of 2016 at the Senior Recognition Banquet on Monday, 4/18, at 7 PM in the Lower Cafeteria.  A letter with information has been sent home to all senior families, so please contact the band office if you did not receive one.

Senior Survey forms were passed out last week and are due as soon as possible. Also, any pictures that you would like to be included in the Senior Slideshow (the older the better!) should be emailed to before Friday, 4/15.

While the official uniform collection is over, there are several uniforms and pieces that are still outstanding. Those pieces are due to the band office immediately, and should be returned in a marked bag.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Uniform Collection Tuesday 4/12

Uniform collection for all outstanding uniforms is Tuesday, 4/12, before class in the Multi-Purpose Room. All uniform parts, including raincoats and hats, will be collected except for gloves and berets.  Students who are participating in testing should arrive at 7:30 AM to return their uniform before going to their testing location. Please be early so we can start band class at 8:47 AM as scheduled.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Tour Preview Concert, 3/21 at 7 PM

Members of the Shaker Band will perform the Spain Tour Preview Concert on Monday, March 21, at 7 PM in the SHHS North Gym.  Call time for band members is 6:15 PM in the Multi-Purpose Room with in full uniform, including jackets, pants, long black socks and all black shoes (no hats, berets or gloves). The concert portion should last about an hour, and will be followed by a meet and greet between parents and chaperones. Everyone is invited to see the 264 members of the band who will be travelling this spring break in their only U.S. performance!

Monday, March 14, 2016

SHHS Band on News Channel 5

Leon Bibb and a camera crew stopped by our trip rehearsal on Tuesday last week and put together a great piece on the band and our upcoming Spain Tour.  See the video here.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Rehearsal and Uniform Exchange, 3/1

A reminder that rehearsal begins as 7:55 AM on Tuesday, 3/1, even with the late start Tuesday schedule. Also, the final uniform exchange is after school. All tuba players and any others with major uniform issues need to meet in the uniform room at 3:30 PM with the uniform parts they need to exchange.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Concert Tuesday, 2/23 & Spain Flip Folders

Though we may be talking a lot about the Spain Tour, don't forget about the band concert on Tuesday, 2/23, starting at 7 PM in the Large Auditorium.  All five concert bands will be performing. The call times, performance times, and release times for each group are as follows:

Concert Band (Tyrrell)- Call Time 6:15 in Stage 3; Perform 7; Released 7:50
Concert Ensemble (Clemens)- Call Time 6:30 in Choir Room; Perform 7:25; Released 8:15
Concert Winds (Kulikowski)- Call Time 6:50 in Band Room; Perform 7:50; Released 8:45
Symphonic Band (Crain)- Call Time 7:45 in Choir Room; Perform 8:15; Released 9:15
Wind Ensemble (Hughes)- Call Time 7:45 in Band Room; Perform 8:45; Released 9:15

Wednesday morning will begin Spain Tour rehearsals for those who are travelling, and Ice Cream Social rehearsal in the Large Auditorium for those who are not. Of those who are travelling, over 200 have come in and picked up their music and flip folders, leaving only 60 who have not done so. All Tour participants should be in sectional rehearsals on Wednesday morning with a fully assembled flip folder at 7:55 AM. All Tour rehearsals, including Tuesday mornings, begin at 7:55 AM. Those who have before school commitments should speak to the band directors.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

33 Days to Go!


The Spain tour is only 33 days away!  Here is some important information as we make the final preparations for our amazing tour. 

All main group and shadow group members must attend the final information meeting on Wednesday, March 9, 2016 at 7:00PM in the High School Large Auditorium.  At the meeting, you will receive your final tour documents and important travel information.  All student travelers must attend with at least one parent/guardian. 

The Shaker Heights School Red Raider Marching Band will present a special Spain Tour Preview Concert on Monday, March 21, 2016 at 7:00PM in the High School North Gym.  The concert is mandatory for all performing band members.  At the conclusion of the concert, students will meet with their chaperones and receive any last minute tour departure information.

You are allowed one checked piece of luggage—up to 50 LB and 62 linear inches L+W+H). You can also bring one carry-on piece the size of a school backpack. Flute, Clarinet, Alto Sax and Trumpet should be carried onto the aircraft and all other instruments will have to be checked as luggage.  Due to limited space on the motor coaches, it is essential that you pack efficiently.  Instruments required to be checked as luggage will be handled at no charge to students. The SHHS Band staff will facilitate the checking of instruments and the payment of any associated luggage fees. Lost or damaged luggage must be reported before you leave the airport. The airlines will not be responsible for unreported loss or damage. See your tour guide if you need help with lost or damaged luggage. [1] Band members must pack their individual band uniforms in their suitcase for the duration of the tour. 

A daily European continental-buffet breakfast and five group dinners are included in the tour program.  Lunches and snacks will be at your own expense each day and you should budget 5-10 Euro per lunch and 10-20 Euro for dinner depending on your individual needs. At included dinners, table water will be included where provided by the restaurant. Bottled water, soft drinks, coffee, and tea will be at your own expense and you will need to settle the bill with the waiter before you leave the table. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free or other select special meals can be requested in advance and the guides will assist you in restaurants while touring. Please advise your guide politely of any special dietary needs and they will be happy to assist you. We will do our best to meet special dietary requirements and preferences.  It is your responsibility to communicate your dietary needs to restaurant staff throughout the tour.  You may find it helpful to send your student with a simple index card indicating any dietary restrictions (ie: food allergies, etc.) translated into Spainish.

All passengers will receive their final flight assignment and air ticket itinerary at the final group meeting on Wednesday, March 9, 2016 at 7:00PM in the High School Large Auditorium.  Passengers will be flying on Iberia, Lufthansa, Delta, United, and American Airlines to and from Spain. Passengers were ticketed on group reservation numbers. Seats are generally assigned in alphabetical order within each reservation number. You will not be able to adjust seats or check-in online as you would with an individual ticket.

The band is providing zippered neck-pouch passport holders for each traveler. All neck pouches will be distributed at the Spain Tour Preview Concert on Monday, March 21, 2016 at 7:00PM in the North Gym.  Staff and chaperones will distribute and collect passports as necessary while traveling and will place them in the hotel safe when not needed. Your neck-pouch is also useful for storing credit cards and cash during daily sightseeing activities.

All liquids, gels or aerosols in your carry-on luggage must be in original containers of 3 ounces or less. All containers of liquids, gels and aerosols are to be placed in one quart-size clear plastic zip-top bag. One quart-size bag of liquids, gels and aerosols per traveler is allowed in your carryon luggage. This bag must be removed from your luggage and placed in the security bin for x-ray screening at the security check point. Visit for further details and the most current security policies.

Spain will be 5 hours ahead of Cleveland until March 27, 2016, due to the USA on daylight savings time and Europe transitioning to “Summer Time.” From March 23 – 26, 2016 Spain will be 5 hours ahead of Cleveland.  Starting on March 27, 2016 Spain will be 6 hours ahead of Cleveland. 

All students will carry their medication with them on the flights to and from Spain.  All medications should be packed into a clear Ziploc bag marked with student name and kept in carry-on luggage.  DO NOT pack medication in your checked luggage. Once we arrive in Spain all students will turn their medications over to the Shaker Heights administration.  Shaker administrators will be responsible for administering medication for the duration of the tour.  We suggest you obtain a duplicate of your prescriptions, inhalers and epi-pens. If you become ill while on tour, inform an adult immediately.  Special inoculations are not required to visit Spain. We encourage you to check with your physician as a precaution.  If you have questions or concerns about medications please contact Sara Chengelis, Shaker Heights Assistant Principal, at 216-295-4200 or

The entire trip is casual so please dress for comfort. You can expect average daily temperatures to vary between 50-70° F over the course of the day. Use as a resource before departure.

This tour is an opportunity to unplug and experience a different culture and a beautiful country.  For the duration of the tour, the lobby and common areas of our hotels have free WiFi access.  Skype and other messaging apps are a great way to communicate when in free WiFi areas.  Roaming voice and data charges can be very expensive and this deserves careful attention before departure.  If necessary, we recommend that you contact your cell phone service provider and upgrade your plan to an international calling plan while we are on tour.  Be sure your mobile phone has a data or application switch if you plan on using it abroad. Do not call home from your hotel rooms as it is very expensive. 

The electricity in Spain runs at 220 volts, 50 cycles. You will need to bring an adapter and/or converter to use all electronic devices.  Please review your device information before departure. Converter and adapter kits can be bought at Target, Walmart, etc.

The exchange rate(s) may fluctuate daily and may vary depending on financial institution.  This information is accurate as of February 18, 2016.
1 US Dollar = .90 Euro cents
1 Euro = 1.11 US Dollars

We recommend you bring a combination of cash (€ Euros) and some type of debit & credit card for the tour that can be used in local ATM/Bankomat machines. Check with your bank for any ATM or foreign transaction fees associated with your debit & credit card. MasterCard, Visa and American Express are accepted in most restaurants and shops, but not in all locations. Local currency can be withdrawn from ATM machines with cards on the Plus and Cirrus systems. You must have a 4-digit PIN for these cards to work. You generally receive the Interbank rate-of-exchange plus any foreign transaction fees (FTFs) associated with your individual card. YOU MUST CALL YOUR BANK TO ADVISE THAT YOU WILL BE USING YOUR DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD IN SPAIN OR THE CARD MAY BE DEACTIVATED FOR FRAUD PROTECTION.

Each traveler has limited insurance coverage with Travel Guard’s, Group Protection Plan. There is NO trip cancellation coverage provided as part of this policy. This policy is not intended to protect your original monetary investment in the tour, but rather to aid in recovery of additional expenses that may result from travel issues while touring. For incidents not affecting the entire group, individual travelers must file claims at the time of the incident. From Europe, call toll-free (715) 345-0505. In the U.S.A. call (800) 326-1300. Your tour leaders have the insurance policy number with them.